Justin Jin


Photographer. Videographer. Writer.

Justin is a photographer strongly committed to storytelling. After sharpening his journalistic skills as a Reuters correspondent in Beijing and London, he gained international renown as a documentary photographer who captures real life stories rich with meaning for the world’s top publications. He directs videos and writes too. Justin was born in Hong Kong, read philosophy at Cambridge University and speaks English, Mandarin & Cantonese, Russian, Dutch and French. He travels back-and-forth Europe, Russia and Asia, offering clients both on-the-ground expertise and a global perspective.

International Recognition include:

Magnum Award
Picture of the Year International (POYi)
World Press Photo Masterclass
Sony Global Ambassadorship

Exhibitions include:

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Visa Pour L’Image, France
Pinacoteca, Bologna, Italy
Sommerset House, London

What clients say

Justin Jin... a rising star of the industry.

Florian Hanig, Editor, GEO Magazine

Justin’s humanistic imagery powerfully connects brands with
Florian Hanig, Editor, GEO Magazine
consumers through real people, real places, real stories.

Jason King, General Manager, BBDO Hong Kong

Justin worked quietly and submitted the most extraordinary images that describe the essence of the country and humanity.

Lysbeth Holdoway, Manager, OXFAM

Justin’s photographs for us are absolutely fantastic.

Annette Engelhardt, IWC Scha hausen

Justin Jin’s artistic documentary approach was a real coup for us.

Frances Alvarado, Group Account Director for Martell, TBWA

Real Life Stories


Zone of Absolute Discomfort

Story: Justin discovered the story about a stretch of Russian Arctic permafrost storing billions of tons of oil and gas, a place so hostile that the Russian government calls “the Zone of Absolute Discomfort”.

Method: Justin battled temperatures as low as -45°C on the Arctic frontline to bring Geo Magazine’s readers on his epic journey.

Result: Cover story; Picture of the Year award, international exhibitions.


Searching for Sophie

Brief: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the world-renowned home of Rembrandt’s paintings, commissioned Justin to photograph the theme “Dutch youths”.

Result: Justin intimately portrayed three youngsters on the brink of adulthood. The museum showed the work in 3 exhibition rooms and bought 55 of Justin’s large prints for its collection.
Here is one of the stories, about 16-year-old Sophie during an emotionally di cult time of her life in Amsterdam.


The Horseboy

Story: Rowan never spoke, he only screamed. The boy from Texas is locked by autism. When Rowan’s parents discovered that their ve- year-old son communicates with horses, they brought him on an epic horseback journey across Mongolia, hoping for a miracle cure.

Brief: The Sunday Times Magazine heard about this story and asks Justin to jump on the next ight to meet the family in Mongolia. 24 hours later, Justin was riding across the Mongolian steppe with them.


Gift of Love

Brief : Pernod Ricard, the French world-leader in wine and spirits, asks Justin to tell the true story of a richly traditional Chinese village that it supports as part of its social responsibility.

Method : Justin stayed among the village’s households to reveal the value of their centuries-old customs.

Deliverables: A photograph-and-text story, used in a co ee-table book, event presentation, o ce artwork. The story is published across major magazines, earning the company recognition for its work.

The story is being published internationally in widely-read journals. Pernod Ricard hosted a fund-raising gala event in Shanghai themed on these photographs, inviting Justin to present the story to 50 of its top clients and the media.

Commercial Work

Case Study: Social Media Storytelling

Chivas Regal

Brief : The world’s top-selling whisky asks Justin to bring its brand upmarket with a sophisticated video series in Hong Kong.

Method : Justin conceptualises, scripts and directs inspiring video stories showing social entrepreneurs after work.

Deliverables : Videos, scripts, and photos used in social media and events.

Case Study: Multi-channel Storytelling

Martell Cognac

Brief: Martell, the biggest cognac brand in China, asks Justin to conceptualise and shoot a series of aspirational videos and photos for its advertising campaign created by TBWA agency.

Method : Justin leads creative and production teams across China to script and shoot stories of six elegant Chinese men set in real life.

Deliverables: Videos, photos and text stories used in online channels, magazine advertorials, events and airport exhibitions throughout the year.

Martell Cognac Advertorials

Case Study: Corporate Storytelling

Infrastructure and Transport

Brief : A selection of industrial corporate commissions for international companies including Plastic Omnium, Sandvik, Salini and Wintershall.

Method: Bringing to life the automated process of industry through stories of people who work in the mechanical environment.

Deliverables: Photography for online storytelling, B2B magazines, annual reports.

Case Study: Print Advertising

General Electric

Brief: GE and its advertising agency BBDO appoint Justin to shoot its Europe-wide print campaign, “Faces of GE”.

Method : Justin travels with his team across Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland to portray GE’s star employees.

Deliverables : Under tight production schedule, Justin delivered the work for rolling out across 26 international publications, including the Economist and Financial Times.


Justin Jin

Brussels / Shanghai / Moscow