Midnight Blue

MIDNIGHT BLUEChinese denim factory workers spend the night bearing the real cost of jeans. By Justin Jin In a southern Chinese boomtown, the neon glow of a busy warehouse scars the moonless sky. Workers attack the thousands of pairs of jeans piled on the floor with unweildy, motorised grinders hanging from the ceiling. The scrub [...]

A Fashionable Quest

A FASHIONABLE QUESTNew York designer Angel Chang looks for tomorrow’s runway in the mountain villages of Guizhou Province By Justin Jin Dimen -- Storm clouds gathered above Dimen, and howling winds sent rain pelting into the guesthouse as staff welcomed Angel Chang on her arrival from New York. Back in the kitchen, the cooks were [...]


UPROOTEDTHE HUMAN STORY BEHIND CHINA’S FEVERISH URBANIZATION OF 100 MILLION FARMERS Photos and text by Justin Jin 2017 - For generations, Li Rui’s family picked vegetables on his family’s plot in a breadbasket region in eastern China blanketed by agricultural fields. Now, Li harvests scrap metal. As he stands on the rubble that was once [...]

Stories from the Yangtze River

STORIES FROM THE YANGTZE RIVER The world’s third longest river, China’s Yangtze River runs 3,900 miles from the Tibetan Plateau to the estuary of the East China Sea near Shanghai. It’s home to some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet. Local communities rely on it for food, water and transportation. But the [...]