Words and photographs by Justin Jin.


China Uproots 100 Million Farmers to create an urban future
For generations, Li Rui’s family picked vegetables on his family’s plot in China. Recently, the 60-year-old farmer has been returning to the same land to harvest scrap metal. Devoid of skill, Li is one of millions of newly landless farmers forced to adapt to a new urban life as China hurtles towards massive new phase of urbanisation…

Gift of Love

Behind a young Chinese woman’s departure for university from her remote mountain village lie the tale of her mother’s sacrifice and fast-disappearing traditions.

On the third attempt, the old iron key cranks open the door and 50-year-old Wu Yuemeng pushes it ajar with her knee. She motions her daughter into the seldom-used second floor bedroom, dominated by a dusty, century-old wooden loom and a metal-banded chest…

A Childhood Sucked Dry

Stories from the Yangtze River

Zone of Absolute Discomfort

Midnight Blue

A Fashionable Quest