Revisiting an ancient village in Guizhou

Revisiting an ancient village in Guizhou, one of China’s most splendid provinces, to bring my family to meet the wonderful people and places I photographed in my story “A Gift of Love“.

The 80-year-old feng shui master Wu is still there, and without knowing much about me, he told my fortune by measuring my fingers when I met him at his home alone.

“A wanderer”, he said, my life is spent traveling between my brother and wife, who live far from each other (bro is in Hong Kong, wife in Brussels). “Life”, he continues, gains a new purpose when I get my “one boy and two girls at age 36, 37”.

Spot on.

Xia, Master Wu’s granddaughter and the heroin in my story, was not in the village but received copies of a magazine, shown here with her and her mom on the cover.

You can read their touching story here.

Thanks to Pierre Berard, Frances Gaillard, Liya Zhang and everyone at PRC / TBWA for bringing me here five years ago. It was a great trip with you and hope these new pictures bring back fond memories.

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