Rowan, a 5-year-old child with autism, rides with his father Rupert. During this physically and emotionally taxing journey, there are a few moments of joy, like this one.

Rowan’s mother Kristin, a clinical psychologist, was initially doubtful of Rupert’s suggestion of an epic journey, but became supportive.

Beset by tantrums and emotional setbacks, the journey was start-and-stop. A bus followed the horses at all times to care for Rowan during relapses.

Rupert, who believes in shamanism, asks local shamans to heal his son. Here, Rowan is force-fed horsemilk and vodka.

After an exhausting shamanic ritual, Kristin and Rupert collapse on each other.

That night, after the rituals, Rowan falls into deep sleep.

A Mongolian crew accompanies the family, setting up tents and cooking along the way. Here, one of the helpers lights a bonfire, as Rowan and Kirstin watch.

On the journey, Rowan makes his first human friend, six-year-old Bodibilguunson, son of the Mongolian guide.