People walk into a metro surrounded by billboards outside a casino in central Moscow. A Rolls-Royce is displayed as a prize for the jackpot.

Soldiers march on the Red Square after Russia Day celebrations.

A model dances in the Diaghilev nightclub, one of the most expensive in Moscow. Diaghilev was destroyed by arson several weeks after my visit.

Models getting ready for the catwalk in Moscow.

A visitor to the Millionaire Fair in Moscow approaches female sales assistants bathing in hot tubs.

The owner of Vremena Goda (Seasons) shopping mall, in Moscow's Kutuzevsky Prospekt, kisses his lover at the mall’s opening party.

Russian fashion designer Julia Helen smokes a cigar outside a fashion show in Moscow.

A street scene outside a fashion show in Moscow.

Priests conduct a service at the world-famous Srentenski Monastery Church in Moscow.

A woman walks along a tram track in Oryol, a poor city in the heart of Russia.

Members of Russia's special force beat a crowd of peaceful protesters in Moscow. The demonstration is one in a series of so-called Dissenters' Marches.

A policeman locks up four Tajik workers in a prison cell after they were arrested for working without a permit in Moscow. Russia is cracking down on foreign nationals working illegally in its markets and construction sites.

Pro-Putin Nashi youth clean a pyramid symbolising Nashi at a summer camp on Russia’s Lake Seliger. The nationalist group’s yearly camp trains youth in political activism.

A cow forages in a garbage dump in Zabaikalsk, a town on the Russian side of the border with China.

Communist supporters, carrying red flags and portraits of Lenin and Stalin, demonstrate on the street in Moscow on Labour Day.