A manager at Mr Huang's factory contacts a client to inform him the goods are ready, as dawn breaks in Zhongshan city, China.

To meet production demand, thousands of workers sweat through the night scrubbing, spraying and tearing trousers to create their rugged look.

Workers scrub jeans using a sanding machine in Mr Huang's factory in Zhongshan city, China.

Workers take a break after scrubbing jeans all night in Mr Huang's factory. The blue dust that fills the air clogs lungs despite masks.

A child sleeps on a pile of jeans. The son of migrant workers, he has no place at local schools.

Garment workers queue for lunch at a factory canteen.

Jeans factory bosses raise a toast, "To the millionaires.”

Workers stone-wash jeans.

Garment workers eat and sleep in their dormitory

Migrant workers squeeze onto a train in Guangzhou city to bring earnings home during Chinese New Year festivities.

Model garment workers are recognised with red banners in Wenzhou city as the country winds down for Chinese New Year.