Dutch-Turkish teenager Hakan Dinc, 16, with his friends in Amsterdam.

"Plastic Gangsters" Wahid (standing) and his friend, both British-born Pakistanis, by the Blackpool beachfront.

Muslims pray in Oldham, northern England.

A shopping street in the centre of Leicester City, UK.

A young man stands away from a guard and his dog in Berlin's Kottbusser Tor metro station.

A Neo-Nazi youth threatens Christopher (left) and Koku with a stone in the eastern German city of Rathenow, saying he will call his friends from the bar to attack them. After I took this picture, the 21-year-old punched me in the face. The police came, arrested me, and set him free.

A Nigerian worker sweeps the stairs in Hamburg's Wilhemsburg area, across the Elbe river from the centre.

Mr Wang, 42, bathes in a Paris park to beat the summer heat wave. He is part of a new wave of illegal immigrants from China’s northeast.

An African worker in Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries.